A hand-signed copy of The Nights Craft (Shadows & Silhouettes).

1632, Culross, Scotland.

Morwenna was a good daughter, a good sister, God-fearing and honest to a fault. She would do anything for her family – even end her sister's life when illness became too much. Cast out for her sister's murder and her choice of weapon, Morwenna found herself, barely fifteen, homeless, tainted and robbed of her faith.Morwenna was a witch.

Born in 1617, Morwenna had narrowly escaped the brutal witch trials which had ravaged her county, and had been born into a family who had successfully hidden their craft from the courts for three decades.Reeling from the revelation, the young witch delves deeper into the world of dark magick, and begins a journey which will lead her down an evil path full of temptation and indulgence. Soon, she would be known as the darkest witch ever to have lived in all the Celtic lands, but do the civilian commoners have what it takes to end her malevolent reign?

"The Night's Craft" signed copy