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TW: Mental and Physical abuse mentions, delicately handled.


Hey, everyone! So, it's been a little while since I wrote a blog post, and I apologise for that. My latest book, "The Night's Craft," is available on Amazon now, and I have a selection of paperback editions which are available for sale, personally signed, at £15.99 + postage.

What's been going on with me? Well, aside from being stuck indoors due to Covid-19, I've been writing my next novel in the Zenith Convergence series, and I'm well on track to release by October 31st! It's going to be a little bigger than Cataclysm, and it's already turning into a doozy!

Aside from this, I've had some personal problems going on - some of you will know that I have an abusive brother and father who I broke free from in 2019, which led to my name change. Well, my ex-brother decided to post a vicious FB post calling me mentally unstable, etc. This is textbook narcissist behaviour. I don't keep my life secret, I'm open and honest, and he's threatened by that.

Anyway, the point of me bringing this up is that I made a response post, breaking his slander down and responding to each part of it.. it was met with so much support and love that I feel so grateful, so honoured to be friends with the people who commented. All three of my sisters replied pointing out how abusive he is and how honest and kind I am, etc (I try!). The point being, they went out of their way to support me and show that I'm not crazy, which goes a long way to discrediting his lies.

A lot of people in the world deal with abuse, and it's never okay. Husbands, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, wives... everyone is capable of abuse and of being abused. It may take a long time to break free, but if you make that move and get out, it's important to have support. So, this is a message to everyone out there. If you know someone who accuses another of abuse, support them. Keep them in your heart and come to their defense. A lot of abuse can be completely invisible, so it's impossible to spot from the outside, but that doesn't make it any less real. I know that the emotional abuse I suffered has left me with PTSD, and yet my brother and father still have sycophants who fully believe i'm insane. Without my own support network, I might crumble.. so support your loved ones.

I'm healing day by day. Thank you to those who stood by me, you will never know how much that helped me fight through the panic attacks & flashbacks. May has been rough, but they say that writers with rough lives helps them creatively, so I'm planning to use it constructively in my future works. Hopefully I can make something good out of the bad.

My sisters and I have actually discussed a potential venture for helping victims of abuse, I'll keep you up to date with that when I know more, or if it's even a possibility. It would be one heck of a learning curve, though! Definitely further in the future than this year or even next.

In other news, my beautiful kitty Pippin was just neutered yesterday, and he's being a cuddle monster, supervising my writing just like he used to. It's sweet. He's on pain medication for a few days, so we'll see how that turns out when he's cranky!

Anyway, that's all for now. Once again - support abuse victims, and take the time to learn about narcissists and the damage they do. Thank you for reading.


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