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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Like all things new and shiny, there are bound to be minor bugs, and I appreciate your patience with this in mind. In particular, you may have seen on the members list an admin by the name of "Kirstie." - eagle eyed readers will know this is my abandoned legal name which was changed in 2020 to Catelyn. There are many reasons for this, none which need be said whilst a frustrated witch wishes she could magick it all away! In fact, it took me 11 hours to figure out how to change it.

Alas, our pasts remain with us even when they can bring us pain, and glitches will always exist. If you tune in this time next week, I'll provide you with a spell to help you release the negativity which might be holding you back in life.

While we'll never enjoy the spectacular magick I write about in my books, with its ups and downs (to say the least!), magick is and always will be a statement of intent. What you put out into the world will come to you, by many mysterious ways. Want more companionship? Maybe you'll gain an influx of facebook friends, or perhaps you'll quite literally run into someone at the store. Or, maybe you'll bring home a new familiar/pet. You need only be open to magick, and it will find you.

Magick is not the enemy of science, but the extension of it. All that we believe can be explained, and yet it is no less magickal in its explanation. Don't believe me? Take five minutes just to think long and hard about the laws of the universe. We know them to be true, yet most of us cannot say why they are so. Magick is simply a beautiful explanation for the incredible workings of our planet, and of the way our presence can change the world, one tiny spell at a time.

That's all for now.. it's time for this witch to sleep! Goodnight from Pippin and I.


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