The final ten thousand

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I am so incredibly psyched right now. Not to toot my own horn, but I have been writing like the wind for the last two weeks, and I'm overjoyed to say that the development of "The Night's Craft" has benefited from it. By deduction, "Defiled" will also benefit, as I'll be able to get to it sooner.

Today is a milestone of sorts, as I just reached 60,000 words for TNC, and the proposed length of the book is around 70,000 words. Now, this is always an estimate. Sometimes, the book will come to a natural end or pausing point on its own, and sometimes, it wants to continue on until you're at 100,000 words and counting. I don't think that's what'll happen here, however, as the end is in sight.

Some very heavy themes are featured in this novel, and it is very set in its roots of 1630+. As always, attitudes and beliefs in the novels do not echo my own, they're merely there to be historically accurate, and I do like to draw attention to events in history and attitudes today, even, which desperately need to change. I'm simply drawing attention to this here, as I want everyone to understand that I have tried to very delicately address these things without denying their existence or trying to edit history. These are things which root these books in the time period they are set in, without detracting from the fantasy elements which are woven throughout. I dearly hope that you will enjoy TNC, as it is set in my home country, very close to where I actually live! These are real places.

In fact, most of the novel is set in Culross, a place near to where I live which still has many original homes and buildings which existed during the time period of the novel. You can actually go and walk through these streets, visit the Town House, which has a prison where witches were actually held.

I invite you to look at pictures of the location and imagine the streets bustling with the myriad of characters within the novel. Perhaps one day you'll visit, stand in places Morwenna stood in the village, and be transported into the world she inhabited.

Do try not to turn into a villain, while you're there.

Stay safe, stay spell-touched.



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