Done & Dusted!

So, folks - we're finally here. The Night's Craft is officially finished, and I can confirm that I'll be releasing it on May 1st. I'm exceptionally proud of myself on this one. Last year was a difficult one for me, as it was for many. My pain, and my depression made it difficult to get up and do anything, and my creativity was dead.

This year, I felt a little hope creep back into my soul, and I jumped on it, forcing myself to write every day again. Just a little more, a little more. Complete tomorrow's goal too. Do the one after that, and you can have a day of rest if you need it. I kept going like that. Getting to the final 3,000 words today was exciting, and it lifted my spirits immensely. I couldn't stop, and the novel wound up at almost 72,000 words.

For anyone interested, I run a discord writing group where we do sprints and try to motivate each other. I'd love more active participants, as the more we have the stronger our support team. Message me here or on Twitter (@catelynev) if you're interested in joining the group.

Anyway - TNC is done, and I had a rather epic (in the literal sense!) epiphany. I almost yelled Eureka, it was such a perfect tie-in to my other series, TZC, which features characters from this novel. How, you ask? With 400 years between the novels, how is that possible? Ah, you'll have to read them to find out.

I really am excited, however. If you contact me before May 1st and tell me you plan to buy my novel, I will send a signed photocard with a message to you on it - all you have to do is show proof of purchase on May 1st. I'm only doing this for people who verbally/digitally 'preorder' with me, and MAYBE those who buy on the release day, as I need to know numbers to print the photocards. They'll be free to anyone who does let me know in advance.

After May 1st, signed photocards will be £5. Most of that is postage, I'd do them for free but I am a starving artist (almost). The small profit will be put aside for me to put towards the electric bed I need for my health, it's expensive (about £945). I also do signed photocards for TZC - whichever book cover you like. Same price, same deal :)

Thank you for listening to my rambling blog... and stay safe, beautiful people.


p.s. I'll be opening a shop on here soon featuring badges with the symbols and quotes from my novels, so if you love a phrase in any book, let me know!

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