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NOVELS by Catelyn Edgar-Vinnell
NOVELS by Catelyn Edgar-Vinnell


Shadows & Silhouettes Trilogy


The Night's Craft

1632, Culross, Scotland.

Morwenna was a good daughter, a good sister, God-fearing and honest to a fault. She would do anything for her family – even end her sister's life when illness became too much. Cast out for her sister's murder and her choice of weapon, Morwenna found herself, barely fifteen, homeless, tainted and robbed of her faith.

Morwenna was a witch.

Born in 1617, Morwenna had narrowly escaped the brutal witch trials which had ravaged her county, and had been born into a family who had successfully hidden their craft from the courts for three decades.

Reeling from the revelation, the young witch delves deeper into the world of dark magick, and begins a journey which will lead her down an evil path full of temptation and indulgence. Soon, she would be known as the darkest witch ever to have lived in all the Celtic lands, but do the civilian commoners have what it takes to end her malevolent reign?

The Zenith Convergence Series


Ancestral - 2016

Five covens in mourning, five 

new leaders by blood arisen. 

When the High Priests and 

Priestesses of the Ontarian 

covens are senselessly 

murdered, their children

must ascend and take their

places at the head of the

coven. With this new 

appointment comes the

responsibility of hunting 

down the killers and bringing them to justice,

all while trying to keep their

covens from falling apart.


Between- 2017

It should be so simple:

maintain a civilian front,

merge the covens and work

out a plan for hosting larger

coven meets. When has life

ever been that easy? Before

long, the leader’s lives are

yet again interrupted by

peril and fear. A rescue

mission, unlikely allies and

a threat so great that survival

seems impossible lies

before them.

Has their luck run out?


Cataclysm - 2019

In the aftermath of a great battle,

all Lila Raegan and her fellow

coven leaders want is peace, quiet

and time to figure out how to do

the job they have been thrust into.

Of course, life is never that simple.

The terrors which were released

must be defeated, and they must

never, ever, be underestimated.

In the wake of a new dark alliance

which threatens all life on Earth,

the witches must look to their most

dangerous foes for help. Will their

salvation be their greatest mistake,

or will they put their differences

aside and survive this new threat?


Defiled - TBR

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