About  Catelyn

Born in 1989 in Scotland, Catelyn Edgar-Vinnell is a Pagan with a passion for magick, and the creative arts. After a few unpublished works written during high school and onwards, she wrote and began to publish the Zenith Convergence series, a supernatural, thrilling nod to the YA genre which is unafraid to poke fun at cliché and willing to delve into the less comfortable sides of humanity, including grief and depression, and failure, plus what it takes to come back from it. Featuring LGBTQ characters and honest portrayals of mental health issues, the Zenith Convergence series has been praised for “phenomenal writing,” and “so many twists and turns you can't predict what's going to happen” by fans.

Catelyn is continuing her proposed 26-book run of The Zenith Convergence series, and will soon be introducing readers to the 3-book arc of villain Morwenna, during her life in 1600’s Scotland and the reign of terror she embarked upon. The series will feature real elements of history of the witch trials during that time, and take the reader beyond the fact and into a woven universe of fantasy so palpable you’ll wish it were real.

Her art follows a similar theme, pulling fans from the beauty of flowers to the depths of depression, a journey she knows all too well. The same themes are present in her music, everything offered in its rawest form.


The Edgar-Vinnell Gang

Pictured above (Right hand side) is Catelyn in front, and L-R top row, Lisha, Heather & Damien. Lisha and Heather are Catelyn's sisters who she lives with, and Damien is her son and the most important person in her life. Also part of Catelyn's family is her older sister, Sharon, her niece Bea, brother-in-law Gary, and her 4 cats - Pippin, Tigger, Binx and Loki. Recently departed is her beloved Salem, who was her familiar. Pippin has taken up this mantle for his big brother, and as such is the most pictured with Catelyn. 

Catelyn's family also features her honorary mother Ingrid, step-father Derek, and their black cat Rascal. She also has spirit sisters in Wales and Cornwall, who she views as true sisters, and their children are her nieces and nephews. Beyond the conventional, her family is whoever feels like home.